EvolutionFM (Podcast)

We are living during the most exciting time in history to be a human being. Our understanding of consciousness and human evolution is starting to take shape as humanity moves into the next phase of its journey. This show explores these topics with host Scott Britton and a wide range of guests who are seeking to understand how to live and love life with an open heart. We will be discussing spirituality, consciousness, ancient and modern technologies, and how to apply these ideas to a modern life.

A Deep Dive On A Course In Miracles With Sean ReaganListen now (49 min) | A conversation with Course In Miracles teacher Sean Reagan on inner transformation, spiritual growth, and the various pathways to…
Screens and Kids: The Challenging Impact of Technology on Children & Potential Solutions (Sara Filipcic, BeHumane)Listen now (42 min) | A conversation with the founder of BeHumane on how we can help our children thrive in a technology driven world.
The Nervous System's Role In Inner Transformation (Jonny Miller)Listen now (59 min) | My friend Jonny whose studied & worked with the Nervous System for 5+ years comes on the show
Investing In The Next Frontiers of Mental Health: Psychedelics, Nuero-Tech, Next-Gen Therapy (Greg Kubin, PsyMed Ventures)Listen now (36 min) | A conversation with Greg Kubin from PsyMed Ventures on investing in conscious innovations and technologies
Exploring the Mind-Bending World of Endogenous DMT, Telekinesis, & Emergent Phenomena (John Chavez)Listen now (47 min) | A fascinating conversation on DMT, lived telekinesis experiences and the emergence of special abilities
The Alarming State of America's Health & Food Quality(Justin Mares)Listen now (43 min) | Why are so many people sick right now in the U.S.?
Brain Implants and Spirituality Have More In Common Than I Thought (Joe Allen)Listen now (58 min) | An enlightening discussion on the transhuman movement
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