EvolutionFM (Podcast)

We are living during the most exciting time in history to be a human being. Our understanding of consciousness and human evolution is starting to take shape as humanity moves into the next phase of its journey. This show explores these topics with host Scott Britton and a wide range of guests who are seeking to understand how to live and love life with an open heart. We will be discussing spirituality, consciousness, ancient and modern technologies, and how to apply these ideas to a modern life.

When Will Healthcare Acknowledge & Effectively Treat Spiritual Phenomena? (Daniel Ingram)Listen now (51 min) | A Conversation with the Co-founder of The Emergent Phenomenology Research Consortium Daniel Ingram
The Inner Journey of One of Silicon Valley’s Top Growth Leaders (Andy Johns)Listen now (50 min) | Mental health for ambitious people can be very hard. Here is Andy's story
What It's Actually Like to Be An Ayahuasca ShamanListen now (54 min) | A conversation about transformation with my former aya Shaman Zach
Breathwork and Rebranding Transformation With Robbie Bent (CEO, Othership)Listen now (34 min) | A discussion on how to make mindfulness & transformation work approachable in our culture
The Future of The Psychedelic Industry With Mindbloom CEO, Dylan BeynonListen now (44 min) | A discussion on psychedelics and mental health with my close friend Dylan