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Investing In The Next Frontiers of Mental Health: Psychedelics, Nuero-Tech, Next-Gen Therapy (Greg Kubin, PsyMed Ventures)

A conversation with Greg Kubin from PsyMed Ventures on investing in conscious innovations and technologies

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We are living during the most exciting time in history to be a human being. Our understanding of consciousness and human evolution is starting to take shape as humanity moves into the next phase of its journey. This show explores these topics with host Scott Britton and a wide range of guests who are seeking to understand how to live and love life with an open heart. We will be discussing spirituality, consciousness, ancient and modern technologies, and how to apply these ideas to a modern life.
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The entrepreneur in me can't help but get excited about the intersection of consciousness and business. 

It's abundantly clear that we are experiencing a massive increase in consciousness amongst our respective societies and cultures. Many spiritual people get very enthusiastic about discussing the "global awakening" or "move to the fifth dimension."

I have no idea about the reality of these things. I am just genuinely excited that it appears that more people are interested in the inner path to greater levels of peace, joy, creativity, and wisdom that comes with the expansion of consciousness.

With this shift, we will need new technologies and services that are better suited to ushering in and supporting these changes as I wrote about here. Many investors have noticed this and started to focus on investment theses that revolve around new companies that facilitate the expansion of consciousness. Whenever I want to learn about new and interesting innovations, I often turn to investor friends because their job is essentially to learn about all this stuff and pick the most promising ones.

This is why I was interested in talking to my new friend Greg Kubin, who is a partner at Psymed Ventures and the host of The Business Trip FM podcast. PsyMed focuses on investing in technologies that elevate mental health and wellness, including psychedelics, neurotech, precision psychiatry, and digital therapeutics.

I was eager to talk to Greg to learn about new things, but also to get the perspective of someone who must balance the constraints of capitalism and what is best for humans. 

It seems like many people are very excited about the commercial opportunities that these new substances can provide, more so than preserving the ancient wisdom surrounding them or even democratizing access. We have seen this with companies doing things like trying to patent therapeutic and integration processes around psychedelics, which is absurd to me. This is not to say that everyone trying to make money here is a bad actor, but what does an investor think about these dynamics as someone who has a financial responsibility to their LPs?

We discussed a range of topics, including the psychedelic investment tension, precision psychiatry (which I had never even heard of), and the pros and cons of neuro-tech that claims to drop people into jhanas or enlightened states. I found it to be a fun and interesting conversation.

If the business of psychedelics is interesting to you, Greg runs a podcast exclusively focused on it called Business Trip FM . There are some great episodes on there exploring all different types of businesses where people make a living with psychedelics.



P.S. Many people think I’m very into psychedelics because how I often I reference them in my writing. 

The reality is I have mostly done them in ceremonial settings across four retreats in four years, with a three-year hiatus in between. I don't really plan on using them anytime soon for a variety of reasons.

The reason I talk about them so much is that irs very prominent in the consciousness discussion in our culture right now and can play an important role in one’s evolution. If you want to know more about my perspective on the role of psychedelics in spiritual awakening, I wrote at length about my thoughts on it here.

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