Dec 1, 2022 • 22M

Introducing EvolutionFM

A new podcast on the evolution of of consciousness

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This podcast has been separated out into a new publication called EvolutionFM (podcast) on my Substack header. Please find all episodes there
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I am excited to share that I am launching a new show called EvolutionFM to discuss the evolution of Consciousness.

You can listen to the first episode above (audio), on youtube (below), or any of your favorite podcast applications by searching EvolutionFM (Itunes / Spotify).

We are living during the most exciting time in history to be a human being. With the democratizing of wisdom teachings, new technologies that make practices more approachable, and increased accessibility to tools that make exposure to higher states of consciousness easier, humanity is poised for an entirely new paradigm.

The show is intended to explore this ever changing landscape with a wide range of guests that are helping to drive this shift in humanity. We will be discussing spirituality, consciousness, ancient & modern technologies, and how to apply these ideas to a modern life.

You can listen to the show here or find it where ever you subscribe to your podcasts:

This first episode is a brief breakdown of the show, why I am creating it, and a deeper share on my own journey. I have also released a 2nd episode with my close friend Dylan Beynon, CEO of Mindbloom, on the Future of the Psychedelic Industry if you want to get an episode sample beyond just me introducing the show on iTunes and Spotify.

This is my third podcast I’ve done and I am beyond excited for this one due to the deep alignment that is driving this creative expression!

I have also been having fun experimenting with video. I’m finding myself watching youtube more and more and loving tuning into discussions with amazing people vs. watching Netflix. So I am going to try and make video versions of these episodes when guests are up for it. You can find all these videos on my Youtube channel and I’ve embedded this first one above.

Right now I am liking the idea of publishing this show weekly, but also making sure not to make any hard and fast rules to maintain the purity of what is driving this creative output. So I’d say you can expect these weekly(ish).

One thing you might notice is that there are some older episodes on the Itunes and Spotify channel. That’s because I am launching this new show from the same channel of an older show I had back in the day called The Competitive Edge. Feel free to check those episodes out, though the content is quite different then what to expect moving forward as my interests have evolved…see what I did there ; )

One thing I’ve been thinking about is discovering more people that are sitting at the intersection of earnestly pursuing evolving their consciousness and/or working on something to help others do this while living a modern western life.

I think

is doing some really cool things in this space and recommend checking out this work. Please let me know if you have any favorite people you like following or would like to hear from on the show.

Just ping me in the comments or by responding to this email! It’d be cool to host a conversation with them.

Love always,